E-Learning Environment Deployment

E-Learning Environment Deployment

   Deployment is the phase of bringing everything together onto one platform and getting the e-learning environment up and running. When deploying it is very important to select different elements that are complementary to your deployment, that will make your e-learning process smooth and easily administered.
   At 5Learn you are guaranteed a thoroughly tested, top-notch and professional learning management system (LMS).  Everything you need to manage your system will be at the click of a button. Your Learning Management System can either be a closed code system or an open source system.  Via this system you can regulate the administration of your different learning programs within your organization.
   Using the Learning Management System (LMS) provided to you by 5Learn you can deliver the program to your learners, then track their performance as well as send them automatic emails if they fall back in their progress. 5Learn ensures that your system has the following features at the palm of your hands:
1-   Video Streaming: this feature allows the tutor and the learner to post or download learning material, as well as upload material videos that would aid the learners in their progress.
2-   Learning and Content Management System (LCMS): This system gives the tutor the power to control the learning content and manage it to best fit the course objectives. This system enables the tutor to author, publish and manage the educational content.
3-   Collaborative Learning Techniques: This feature provides new learning techniques including synchronous and asynchronous tools, which encourage collaboration between learners to acquire knowledge during such a process. It provides social networking which is a trending collaborative technique as well as other collaborative techniques such as; video conferencing, chatting, forums, blogs, wikis, e-mail, virtual classroom, voice over internet protocol (VOIP) real time collaborative writing and white board writing and drawing.
   With today’s fast moving environment you can have some features extended to your mobile phones or tablets. This way the learning process is guaranteed to happen and the learner will gain better understanding of the level of importance of his/her progress.
   This is a web-based assessment technique, which provides your organization with the tools to evaluate knowledge, skills, experience and attitude throughout your organization, by creating several different types of tests.
   This manner of assessment is becoming increasingly favorable because of its advantages over paper-based assessments, such advantages include:
   ·  Reducing long term costs of the organization
   ·  The assessment marking becomes automated and thus saves time and effort
   ·  The students receive their assessment results and feedback instantly
   ·  This assessment can be carried out at anytime and anywhere with greater flexibility as compared to paper assessments.
 5Learn provides full assistance with your assessment processes anytime and anywhere. All done from your initial investigation of your testing needs to know what exactly the assessment want to measure, as well as creating a question bank, proving assessment engines and support. With the utilization of 5Learn’s developed software or those acquired from our respected partners we ensure that your e-assessment program achieves high performance. 


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