5Learn e-content localization


5Learn e-content localization

   When the localization of educational content is often mentioned the first idea that comes to the mind of people is the translation of the content into the language of the learner. Even though this idea is merely correct, but at the same time for 5Learn it is far from the truth. Localization is concerned with giving the learner a better feel of the educational process, as well as delivering educational messages in the best possible understandable manner.
   When the idea of localization was first introduced it was mainly focused on hiring a translation team and translating the entire instructional content into the language of the recipient learner. With the development of education as well as technology and with the growth of E-learning techniques and technologies the concept of Localization was significantly developed.
   Nowadays, localization is understood as the adaptation of a product or service to a certain language, culture and to a desired look or feel. Accordingly, 5Learn provides the service of Localization with every bit taken into consideration.
   Having that explained, the manner of developing an e-learning course adopted by 5Learn can be further clarified. For instance when designing a course and its learning environment, it is taken into consideration that the language used be like that of the learners, also that the monetary terms used match that used by the learners, we can also consider the colors used and the verbal expressions as well as physical movements of the learners country.  
In order for localization to be achieved three dimensions of adaptation are tackled; the linguistic, the substantive and the culture dimension.
   Linguistic adaptations focuses on translating the course, as well as its different elements into the desired learning language. It may also reach to re-engineering any fundamental linguistic functionality, which may include things like interactions that may require text entry by the learner, textual descriptions displayed on the screen, user interface elements, the titles seen on the browser and fields that require text inputs.

   Substantive adaptation tackles necessary alterations in the substance of the content to match what the local audience would best comprehend. These modifications are done to different elements that are location specific. Such elements may include; rules and regulations related to the geographical location, local cases, examples also related to the location, abbreviations commonly used and different local terminologies. All this to improve the understanding of the learner.
   Cultural adaptation mainly revolves around adapting the course to fit the learner’s culture. This is done to minimize mixed messages that might be conveyed during the course. Course elements that might require cultural adaptation include; name, titles and formal addressing, icons, symbols and finally graphical styles.
Advantages of Localization
    As a result of Globalization the world today shares a common pool of knowledge. Since as mentioned before, the localization carried out by 5Learn is not limited to the language translation we can clearly address how this can be advantageous in the field of e-learning.
    Understanding the language does not necessarily guarantee that your audience comprehend exactly what you mean. With verbal expressions come many different aspects that contribute in the fluent transfer of a message. It is also vital to use examples that the learner can relate to and achieve better understanding. The body language, clothes as well as verbal expressions used in conveying an educational message are also an important independent variable that contributes to the understanding of the learner.
 5Learns Localization
     Even though a big part of localization is language translation, it can be done through automatic language translation software. However, human intervention to fine touch the content is heavily needed. Accordingly, the past deep experience of 5Learn in the field of localization is living proof of its competency in providing the best to the market. 5Learn provides Localization in 40 different Languages and accents all over the world.
     5Learn has worked on localization projects with companies such as; Fastrack Kids, TRA Bahrain, GASCO, HSE as well as one of the largest multinational companies,  Below are some of the different languages 5Learn provide Localization for:
Spanish, Iberian, Australian, Russian, German, Indian – English, Colombia, Turkish, Italian, Vietnamese, Chinese,Brazilian, Hindi – Hindi, French, Bulgaria, Kazakhstan, , ungarian, Japanese , Hindi Guajarati, Poland, Uzbekistan, Philippines, Indonesian, Thai (Thailand), Korean, Romanian, Malaysian, UK -British English and Arabic. 


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